Dimming Fluorescent Fixtures

So I am nearing completion on my new studio and I want to have plenty of light when I need it and still be able to dim it down a notch for when I don't want it that bright.  I am looking at four TechBrite 96" 4xF32T8 Industrial Strip - Miro4 Reflectors and two TechBrite 96" 6xF32T8 Industrial Strip - Miro4 Reflectors.  What dimmer ballasts would I need to do this to replace in my lights.  Or is step-dimming an option?  Or is it even possible to wire to get only half the bulbs to light?  Thanks, Ross

Hi Ross,

We could build the fixtures with dimmable ballasts to allow full dimming on all tubes. The cost to add this per fixture is about $100. Another option is we could build the fixture with two ballasts instead of one. This would allow you to wire half the fixture separately. The cost to add this is $20 per fixture. Please let us know if you have further questions!

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