Ballast for older T12 / 96" fixtures

My shop has 6 twin tube ceiling fixtures: 96" T-12 75 Watt Single pin tubes. One recently quit. I replaced both bulbs without success. Ballast was hot and of the old style  so I figured that was the problem. First stop, local hardware store. Ballast for 2/96" T-12 had two blue wires and one red. No instructions on how to wire this ballast. (Original ballast has the 2 power supply wires (black and white) and two wires for  bulb sockets; (1 blue and 1 red). Next attempt was online at Amazon. Photo on website was match to my original ballast but you couldn't see how many wires.  I ordered it and received one completely different from one shown on internet. Contacted seller and was told it was a mistake and they would refund purchase price but were unable to supply ballast I needed. Final attempt: Local large lighting supply company. Explained what I needed and they ordered it. Same story. 2 blue wires and 1 red wire. No way to install any of these ballasts. SO...Does anyone out there have a source for the older ballasts? Heavy, about 3" wide and 10" long. Four wires: Black hot, white neutral, and one blue and one red to the bulb sockets.



Hi Norm. All of the new electronic ballast have 2 blues and one red. See image below for instructions on how to wire the electronic ballast. 

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